Let me do my best to summarize Ashley and Dominik’s love story -

In the early days of their relationship these two wandered into a bookshop together and found a book by Hungary’s most famous poet, which happened to be written in Dominik’s native language. They (very romantically) decided to translate one of the poems together, “Óda”, as they were still learning each other’s languages.

They weren’t able to buy the book that day, and thought they’d never see it again. But then somehow all the stars in the world aligned for them 3 whole years later when they found themselves in that same city again, walked back into the same bookshop, and found the book (and she knew it was the same copy because she left a paper in it that was still there!!). Now, they’re about to get married in Hungary at the hotel where the poet wrote that exact poem.

I'm so happy to have gotten to help celebrate these two amazing people’s amazing love story because it’s seriously out of a fairytale.