your wedding photos are one of the most important parts of your big day.

There's so much love and excitement that all takes place in one day, and your photos are what captures these beautiful memories for you to hold on to forever. You'll have every moment that will make your future kids look at your wedding photos and go, "wow my parents were hot". Think about sitting on the couch with your spouse ten years from now, holding an album full of memories - from your father being unable to hold back his tears as you walked down the aisle to the Grammy-worthy performance of Love by Keyshia Cole that you did with your new sister-in-law at the end of the night.

My style of photography is photojournalistic with a hint of editorial - this means candid, documentary-like, and heartfelt, and you'll receive a gallery of vibrant imagery with some sprinkles of emotional black & white. I provide direction for poses, as well as prompts that will ease those in-front-of-a-camera nerves and get you feeling natural and carefree. You don't just get me for your wedding day, but I'll also be there to answer all your questions and to help you plan. I assist with curating your timeline, vendor suggestions, any and everything to get you feeling as ready as possible for all the million things that come with planning a wedding.

Included with every package:

  • high resolution images in an online gallery
  • print release
  • assistance with planning and timeline building
  • vendor recommendations
  • sneak peeks within 2-3 days after your wedding

starting at $3500

Hit me up below for my full investment guide - and YES, I travel!

"I worked with Danielle and she was PERFECT. She was so comfortable to be around (literally like I’ve known her for years) and was quick to get everything done in a professional manner so I had plenty of dancing time! She was so sweet and very personable. I cried my eyes out in pure joy over how amazing my pictures came out. I couldn’t have imagined them any other way. I literally look at them once a week, not even kidding. 10/10 recommend!"

—A + M